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What Are The Real Savings of Using Manufactured Cultured Stone Cladding? 2016-04-01

Compared to natural stone, manufactured stone veneer is a very economical. Why? Because manufactured stone is cheap than natural stone, you can expect savings of around 30% on the overall materials if you purchase manufactured stone veneer. What’s more, you can also save on installation costs. Because manufactured stones are so light weight and easy to install that you don't even require skilled labor or any special tools like natural stone). It is just so convenient that it takes less time to install thus less money from your hip pocket.

When you choose to using manufactured stone veneer for home decoration, you can save considerable time. Because the stones are cast in manageable sheets and it is quick to install much like a ceramic tile is. Imagine being able to complete a stone cladding project in just 1 day compared to 2 or 3 days with heavy natural stone?

Manufactured Stone Veneer

If you are choosing to use the renewable source, then just choose artificial culture stone. Manufactured artificial culture stones are made from controlled cement materials and it is eco-friendly, while natural stone products are depleting the world of its finite natural stone product and mining areas of natural beauty to extract the stone. LOPO China uses much less materials to cover the same area as would a natural stone product to form the manufactured stone veneer in a light weight thin panel. And cultured stone cladding products do not have any excess wastage of the materials like a natural stone product does. To make a natural stone piece that is usable takes a lot of cutting and wastage. And that wastage can not be used in an interior design project. The manufacture artificial stones are customized order and the quantity of material required to make your exclusive design is measured precisely. No wastage...and by making this choice, you also help to improve the environment.

In a word, manufactured stone veneer is a fantastic interior design product. It can not only save time and serious money on your project when you choose stone veneer but also help you choose the best colors and stone styles.

For more information about manufactured stone wall cladding products, please feel free to  contact us!