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The Benefits of Terracotta Stair Panels

LOPO is well known by its clay bricks, terracotta panel and louver. Beside these products, LOPO’s stair panels are the new developed product, and they do impress on the market the good reputation of LOPO.



The characteristics of LOPO Stair Tiles

  • Soft Color with nature beauty, and never fade make the product looks always the same as before.
  • Texture on the surface is shaped when extrusion, which a better finish compared with cutting after production.
  • Easy Clean
  • Ware-proof and non-slip

























The floor panels include the step tile and riser, which can be used in indoor and outdoor, such as school, square, villa, and especially retirement home.

New Clay Wall Bricks Updated from LOPO

Compared with thin clay tiles, the hollow clay wall bricks have more advantages in sound and heat insulation, surface design, and the most important is recyclable.
Each special surface are from the hard work of our staff. The handmade texture, some is fine and smooth, some is rough, which just shows the natural feeling of the clay bricks.
LOPO can arrange unique design according to project’s requirement. A variety of texture, size, color and installation methods are available for your choice, which is the efforts from our designers.
A project using exterior wall bricks designed by Foster-Partners