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LOPO Ceramic Flooring Thermostatic Integrated System Won 12 National Invention Patents

Cool autumn wind already claimed summer is almost over. Do you get ready for the winter in the northern hemisphere?
LOPO application of the thermostatic ceramic flooring integrated system, a total of 12 utility model patents have been authorized. And now we have received the national patent certificate issued, which will bring you a warm comfortably winter.

Since the establishment of the company, LOPO attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, product innovation, and focus on the rights of independent intellectual property protection. Patent access to promote the pace of technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. For us, it is both an encouragement and a spur. We will make persistent efforts to firmly grasp the knowledge of product innovation, so that our products will do better. Patent certificate is not only the affirmation of our company’s design staffs , but also proved the strength of the company’s innovation, which proved that the LOPO’s ambition  to scientific and technological innovation.
Inventor: Peng Xinghua, Zhang Muxian, Wu Jinyi
Invention patent project
Title: A recirculating thermostatic ceramic flooring integrated system
Design patent certificate
Design Name: Floor Brick (Lin Yun Spring)
Utility model patent certificate
Utility model name: a multi – channel ceramic floor tiles
Utility model name: a double insulation to warm the brick
Utility model name: a kind of effective insulation structure
Utility model name: a kind of insulation and moistureproof substrate shelves
Utility model name: a recyclable thermostatic ceramic flooring
Utility model name: a heat transfer cable installation protection structure
Utility model name: a kind of ceramic tile with insulation and moisture protection function
Utility model name: a kind of effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the bracket structure
Utility model name: a double layer spacing layout of the insulation channel to warm the brick
Utility model name: a cycle of practical temperature ceramic flooring integrated system


LOPO Project: Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zone

It is proud that LOPO gray terracotta facade panel was selected as the Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zones’ exterior decoration, gray is symbolic of stable, elegant synonymous.
The concept of creative Industries were proposed by UK in 1998, in 2004 Shanghai has already forward it as an important pillar of future industrial development. In today’s world, the creative industry is no longer just a concept, but has great economic benefits.The direct reality. The world’s creative economy creates $ 22 billion a day. The dollar is growing a rate of 5%. From 2000 to 2004, the overall growth of the creative economy is twice than traditional service industry, 4 times than traditional manufacture. In United Kingdom, United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries creative industries have become economic development Of the pillar industries added more than 1/5 of GDP. Throughout the world developed a number of developed countries Italian products, marketing, services attract the world’s eye formed a huge wave of creative economy, swept world.
To innovative ideas and advanced technologies such as knowledge and wisdom as the core  through a series of ideas. Activity caused production and consumption of value-added for the community to create wealth and provide extensive employment. Opportunity of the industry divided into R & D design creativity, architectural design creativity, cultural media creativity, advice policy creative and fashion creative ideas and other five categories. On this basis will be “advertising, architecture, art,cultural relics, crafts, design, fashion design, film, interactive leisure software, music, performance Art, publishing, software, television broadcasting “and other 13 industries identified as creative industries.
Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zone will accommodate more and more excellent enterprises. Hope all the enterprise will achieve great new ideas in the calm Gray rainscreen systems cladding building.


How to Install Clay Brick Tiles

1. Prepare Wall for Tile
Clean the wall, and make sure it is smooth and clean without Dust and debris, so as to make it easy to glue to properly bond. Then, Mark lines on the wall, so as to make sure the tiles are all level. The grout spacer is normally 3/8” and 1/2”.
Water the wall, and make sure it is wet enough. After 2~3 hours, you can start the installation.

2.Cutting Tiles
During the period of waiting, you can start cutting tiles. Cut before installation will help you save time, because you do not need to continuously stopping to cut more clay brick tiles.

3.Start the installation at the bottom corner of the wall. Apply mortar on the back of the tiles fully covered.
Then press a full size brick to the outer edge of the lower corner of the wall. Continue upward with a half cut brick. Then full size tile, then half size tile.
4.Install Full Rows
The installation is also from the bottom of the wall. Press tile tiles row by row from the corner tile.  And remember to leave grout space between two tiles. Make sure the rows are level. You have about 20 minutes to adjust your tiles before the adhesive begins to set.


5.Apply Grout
Grout apply should wait about 48 hours after the bricks installation. So as to make sure tiles dry enough. Then using Portland cement mixture grout in between joints. Just squeezed through a grout bag and apply to joints in small areas at a time. Be careful no to apply too much grout and avoid grout material stay on the surface of the tiles, which may make your cleaning very difficult to proceed.

After grout material dry enough, usually one or two days. Wash the terracotta clay tile wall from up to down.