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How to keep Terracotta Panel cleaning

Vanke Meixi County is located in the core area of Meixi Lake Area of Changsha, orientation in the new urban center of Changsha Hexi future, rich in landscape resources.
In this project, was used beige terracotta panel, has been installed and used more than 5 years. Owners tend to pay attention on how to clean, how to keep bright as new?

Firstly of all, terracotta panel cladding does not contain metal elements dust and other SiO, do not produce static electricity, will not absorb dust, water rinse wash will keep it clean.



On the terracotta panel surface natural texture, there is a certain degree of permeability, if stained on the stains need to be promptly removed to avoid infiltration of panel inside.
1. Pencil, ballpoint pen, impermeable oil can be used to erase the eraser;
2. Slag, rust can be soaked with white vinegar wipe with water;
3. Other colored pollution can be soaked with 84 disinfectant wipe with water.
4. After completed installation of each panel, remove the debris from the site, until the entire project is installed before the clean-up site and temporary facility, use cotton and nylon brush on the board from the top and bottom wipe clean.