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LOPO Project – Zhoushan City National Fitness Center

March 22 morning, Zhoushan City National Fitness Center officially opened. Director of the Sports Bureau of Zhoushan City Du Zhili, Zhoushan Cultural and television press bureau (Sports Bureau) Director Wang Jun Tao attended the opening ceremony.


Zhoushan City National Fitness Center is located in Dinghai District Donghai East Road, which is the core area of Dinghai District. Before 2006, there is only one indoor gymnasium and outdoor stadium, people affectionately name it the “light stadium.” With the improvement of public fitness needs, Zhoushan City Sports Bureau launched a national fitness center construction, in order to provide more convenience to the people, and decided to take the original site reconstruction. After 8 years, a modern fitness center came out.


According to Zhoushan City National Fitness Center Director Yu Yuehui’s introduction, the total investment for the center is more than 20 million yuan. Zhoushan City is the first in accordance with national standards for the construction of modern sports fitness comprehensive museum. The building area is 6,000 square meters, from 3rd floor to 5th floor there are specific area for basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash, tennis, swimming, wrestling and other activities venues, which will be used to carry out games, sports competitions, performances and other activities.

The facade wall decoration material was supplied by LOPO, which includes natural plain surface panel/ grooved surface, irregular surface ceramic plate and baguettes.

Item No.: F4630884 FG4535884 FG4135632 FG4180632

T50150884 T5050884 TS1063884 TS35663884 T100100884

Size: 400*3, 530*30, 460*30, 450*35, 410*80, 50*50, 100*100, 50*150, 38*106

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The Beauty of Architectural Art

An intelligential architecture needs to combine natural landscape and art. Otherwise, even if the appearance is grand, it is only a cold architecture. Elegant, simple, unsophisticated and novel terracotta panel reveals the art in the architecture in realistic way to fill it with artistic sense.

The sharp metal plate and cold stone can no longer meet the requirements of the society in this times calling for nature, harmony and warmth. The terracotta panel is simple, unsophisticated but gorgeous, solemn and elegant, making architectures warm and harmonious. Placing ourselves in it, hearts can be cleared and mind can fly.

The achievement of great architectures requires vitality, humanistic and harmony with nature. Natural materials are environmental with low-carbon. Mild color indicates elegance in common, contains connotation in simplicity and grace and exudes endless architectural vitality.

Terracotta panel has hard nature, neat and beautiful appearance, unique humanistic feelings and attraction from outside to inside. It is simple but grand, vigorous but restrained and couples hardness and softness, making architectures radiate human air of elegance and humbleness.

The roughness & delicateness and diamonds & lines are not limited by routine, don’t comply with commonness and combine individuality and characteristics. Terracotta panel demonstrates the beauty of architectural art with its unique glamour and manifests the height of architectural temperament with its generousness and smartness.

AboutLOPO China Corporation

LOPO China Corporation is the most professional China manufacturer for terracotta wall facade panels, terracotta baguette, terracotta louver, terracotta wall tiles and terracotta bricks and floor heating system in Asia.


LOPO China Glazed Series Terracotta Rainscreen Panel

With the development of firing techniques and mixing methods, glazing process used to be utilized on brick or ceramic tile has been applied on terracotta rainscreen panels. Celebrated companies in terracotta facade industry all develop their own glazing facade series, such as NBK TERRART ® glazes, moelding ALPHATON ® glazes.

Through sophisticated mixing methods, unlimited range of colors can be realized on terracotta facade which could only present the natural shade in the past. Glazing surface give more creative space for those designers who are ambitous in color design while at the same time fully capitalize on terracotta facade features of thermal insulation, soundproofing, energy savings.

Under different light conditions, a building using different glazed rainscreen panel can create completely unique luminosities that can’t be replicated by any other product. One of a successful project is moeding’s project in 2013: Conservatoire Municipal Paul Dukas Paris. Different blue shades are presenting fabulous color impressions.

LOPO China, as an emerging terracotta facade brand, is developing its own glazes seris. LOPO is capable of providing highly-customized colors based on the diversity of the RAL color shade. With sophistricated firing and glazing techniques, LOPO glazed terracotta facade creates an outstanding performance as better as  noted brand in tolerating harsh chemicals and impact.

Welcome to LOPO China with most creative color designs. Let’s work together to make them realized!

Terracotta Facade Corner Construction Methods

For terracotta facade projects, different elevation structures require different construction methods for corner part. There are 3 common methods as follow.

1.Miter cutting
Based on the exterior elevation structure, the edges of each of the two terracotta panels are beveled at different angle to be joined, to form a reasonable and beautiful corner. For conventional facade corners, the most popular construction method is to cut terracotta panels at 45 degree angle. Two beveled terracotta panels are joined to form a 90 degree corner. Afterwards, an back fixing articulated rubber strips is inserted into the joint, for water diversion purpose. LOPO can provide customized cutting service for every project, to save time and labor cost for terracotta panel installation.

Construction Methods of Terracotta Facade Corner   (2)

2.Using an aluminum-alloy or stainless-steel flashing
Based on the exterior elevation structure, a flashing is designed for the corner. A flashing is usually made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and sprayed with fluorocarbon according to the requirement of the design. For example, a contrast color to terracotta panel could be painted to achieve linear division effect for the facade, or the same color as terracotta panel could be applied to achieve harmony and uniformity.

Construction Methods of Terracotta Facade Corner   (1)

3.Using special-shaped terracotta corner
Many large-scale projects have stricter requirement for the integrity and harmony(such as material, color) of the facade. For this purpose, a supplementary terracotta panel or terracotta baguette is specially needed for the facade corner. A terracotta panel or terracotta baguette with special shape(such as curve, triangle, L-shaped right angle) can exhibit a different facade effect. LOPO China can custom design or produce supplementary special-shaped terracotta panels or terracotta baguettes that perfectly suit specific project’s facade corners.

Construction Methods of Terracotta Facade Corner   (3)

By comparing the above-mentioned three conventional construction methods, we can find that aluminum-alloy or stainless-steel flashings are convenient to process and customize due to the availability of these material used; special-shaped terracotta panels or terracotta louvers can achieve perfect harmony for the facade, but are expensive due to less popularity; miter cutting is most widely used due to its high cost-effectiveness, which resulted from cutting terracotta louver at different degree at the factory before delivery to the construction site for immediate installation.

New Online – LOPO Terracotta Stair Treads and Risers

Although stair tread is merely a small branch of floor tile products, it plays more important roles in architectures’s beauty and harmony than ordinary floor tiles, and it is also required to be more durable and safer than ordinary ones. Compared to ceramic or marble stair treads, terracotta stair tread has lasting charm although being a kind of traditional floor tile, thanks to its natural and environment-friendly raw material, together with its good performance like slip resistance, high flexural strength,resistance to abrasion, colorfastness and corrosion resistance. Traditional terracotta stair treads are in comparatively traditional patterns, with a style of primitive simplicity and a charm of the nostalgic feelings, but now designers and construction projects have a growing demand for more concise and modern terracotta stair tread products to cater to the needs of modern architectural flooring decoration.

LOPO China Terracotta Tile

Specialized in producing terracotta building materials, LOPO China not only manufactures competitive rainscreen cladding, terracotta wall tile and terracotta brick pavers, but has also developed a series of new stair treads that follow modern architectural aesthetic trends and meet functional needs. The series features the “one-step moulding” process, and has transformed trational small-sized stair tread to one-step molded large stair panel, with an anti-slip slot being formed at the same time during the production. Compared to trational treads, stair panel is more convenient to be used in constructions and looks more integrated and magnificent.

Terracotta Floor Tile

LOPO can produce stair treads of different thicknesses, textured surface and colors according to clients’ requirements, and provide matched stair riser to satisfy different architectures’ design needs. For instance, LOPO terracotta stair treads feature wood grains of various colors and different color intensity; stair treads of different colors can also be joined together to realize colorful collocation.

Terracotta Stair Treads

Besides, LOPO has provided a wide range options of traditional terracotta stair treads and risers. For more LOPO terracotta floor tile, please refer to http://www.terracottapanel.com/terracotta-panel_c1

Shandong North Sea Bay_F3018636_terracottapanel.com

Terracotta Facade Panels from LOPO China

The terracotta façade curtain wall system from LOPO China makes the beauty of terracotta façade panels available at an attractive cost. Terracotta panel owns excellent durability, reduced weight per unit area, and a secure “clip and hold” affixing system, which makes terracotta panel ideal for new construction as well as retrofit and re-clad applications. Terracotta panel is produced from environmentally responsible clay-based construction materials and designed as a ventilated curtain wall and rainscreen solution. LOPO terracotta panel is available in small, drying hanging, solid format elements and customizes each order to meet the customer’s desired dimensions. LOPO ensures a place in almost any project by an extensive range of colors, textures and profiles. LOPO’s expertise in complex mixing techniques and traditional firing methods set the standard for Terracotta façade design. All LOPO China Terracotta products are weather and frost resistant.

LOPO terracotta facade panels can achieve compelling visual effects with profiled surface grooves and textures, available in natural, grooved, strip-line, and wood texture finishes. Glazed finishes, available in matte and semi-gloss, feature white or colored clay slip coating applied to the terracotta body to impart colors or textures. Architect-specified glazed finishes are also available, allowing an additional range of colors that can be manufactured specifically for a given project.

Building owners and design/construction teams can now consider terracotta wall panel whenever renovating and reconstructing façades with this system, which supports panel up to 1,800 mm in length and 600 mm in width. A low weight per unit area of approximately 33 kilogram per square meter allows panels to mount to almost any façade with just a few holes and dowels. LOPO terracotta facade panels are tested to ASTM and DIN EN ISO standards. Related Readings: Terracotta Facade Panels, LOPO China