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Vertical Terracotta Baguettes Installing–Residential Project Banan Linyuxi

Residential Building-Banan Linyuxi is located in Chongqing Yannan Avenue on the 9th (Kane International Light Rail Station)close to metro line 3, back to south mountain natural landscape
resources, people be able to enjoy light rail convenient transportation and natural comfortable living.

The total construction area of the project is nearly 200,000 square meters, the volume rate is
2.32, the greening rate takes 32%, the planning has foreign-style house,high mountain scenery,
high level decoration apartment,industry four major formats, is a low volume rate, high comfort project.

The architectural designers have selected LOPO terracotta baguette sunscreen 50X50mm. Those baguettes are vertically installed to extend the vertical lines of low-rise buildings. Terracotta baguette makes the building seem looming, acts as sunshade, and to some extent reduces the real-object sense conveyed by the building in general. So that terracotta baguette is useful and beautiful. Terracotta baguette is installed in some angles according to the needs of sunshade and facade structure, making the whole facade full of vivid and interesting sense of linear lines.