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Terracotta Baguette Fixing Parts
*Model No.: Baguette Fixing Part
*Place Of Origin: Fujian, China
*Material: Aluminum Alloy
*Packaging Details: Carton with wooden pallet
*Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
*Port: Xiamen Port
*Delivery Time: In 25 days
*Certification: CE, ISO9001
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Product Details

Terracotta Baguette Fixing Parts

Baguette fixing parts is designed for terracotta wall baguette square size 50x50mm, T5050Series, T50100Series or similar size. Each baguette needs 2 fixing parts.

Terracotta Baguette Fixing Parts


1.Material: Aluminium alloy

2.usage: Support wall panel

3.customized is welcome

4. High quality, long lasting


Full Set Terracotta Products Accessory:

Terracotta Fixing Parts

Installation Steps for Terracotta Panel Baguette

1. Measurement and line laying
Using a leval to mark the horizontal and vertical lines for mounting supporting poles.

2. Installation of Columns
Secure columns on the main structure with brackets and stainless stell bolts, adjust the verticality of the supporting columns.

3. Installation of brackets or supporting rails

Secure them on the columns with stainless steel bolts or screws, adjust the verticality and horizontality of the columns.

4. Installation of tiles

1) Apply the adhesive tapes on supporting rails or columns as the joint pieces

2) Position tiles and clamps, adjust the verticality and horizontality of the terracotta panels by clamps

3) Mount panels from bottom up to finish the installation

5. Apply sealant
There is no need to apply sealant for open system, while for closed system is necessary to do so in the vertical and horizontal joints of terracotta panels.

6. Clean the installed terracotta panels with water


More information about LOPO CHINA, please refer: http://www.terracottapanel.com

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