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Answers to Manufactured Culture Stone Questions 2015-08-13

Manufactured culture stone is fairly new to the building decoration industry since few years ago. And usually no one wants to try a new product before knowing what type of results will occur. Below are some of the most usually occur questions and answers on artificial culture stone.


1. What is artificial culture stone?

Artificial culture stone, also called stone veneer or manufactured stone, is a realistic looking stone that is made from natural clay, iron oxide pigments, aggregate, and chemically balanced additives. A manufacturing method has been critiqued to form replicas of real stone that weighs up to 75% less than the real natural stone.


2. Will culture stone fade and discolor?

Because cultured stone production uses a unique blend of iron oxide pigments in processing, there is superior protection against fading, weathering and chipping. Even the harshest winters cannot remove the stunning colors that are set in for many decades of beauty. Hailstorms and strong winds will not damage cultural stone or tear off of your home if installed according to manufacturer guidelines.


3. Is manufactured stone guaranteed?

As you may know, there are so many manufacturers producing stone veneer for different applications, but to tell the truth, the method for making is quite similar. A professional and respected company will offer an at least 40-year warranty on their culture stone product as long as installation has been properly . Compared with real stone and a bonding process that is geared toward long life and quality, this long guarantee is easy to live by.


4. Does manufacturer stone veneer pass building codes?

Manufactured stone manufactured from LOPO has passed independent testing at licensed laboratories and is classified as noncombustible and fire-retardant. Strength and durability receive an A+ while only minimal water adsorption is found. Specifications should be asked for at the time of purchase to quill any doubts of sustainability.


5. Can anyone install cultured stone?

Installation requires only a few tools and the instructions are included with most cultured stone. A circular saw and masonry hand tools are suggested in addition to whatever else your specific brand recommends. It might be better to hire a skilled carpenter f you are unfamiliar with carpentry work. Please not that any DIY project takes patience and perseverance in completing a job and you want your completed job to look professional.

Manufactured stone can be used anywhere. Add outdoor natural beauty to your home or landscape or bring stone indoor for fireplace that you have always dreamed of having. The ideas and designs are endless and manufactured stone is guaranteed to last a very long time. Visit www.terracottapanel.com and come up with your own unique style that will give you a signature home with stone.

We supply an high quality, competitive price artificial culture stone product well suited for exterior as well as interior applications. Our manufactured stone is lightweight and easy to install on a wide variety of applications and it requires no footing or support ledges.