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Artificial Culture Stone Installation 2015-06-23

How to install artificial culture stone?

1. Preparation for the Wall

First to confirm the strength of the wall to meet the construction requirements, for the low water absorption rate walls such as wood, plastic, you can use barbed wire reinforcement. Cleared before the construction of the wall surface, floating dust, debris, smooth wall should be firstly processed into a rough surface. Water the wall one day before the construction and wet the wall again pre-construction.

2. Preparation of the Artificial Culture Stone

Pre-place the products on the floor before paving to confirm the effect . Adjust the overall balance and aesthetics in advance. Such as: small pieces of stone should be placed next to the large stone; convex surface next to the flat surface stone; thick stone next to the thin stone


3. Blending the bonding material
(1).Using more than 425 white cement, ordinary Portland cement (cement: sand: 801 glue = 1:2:0.03 or cement: sand: water = 1:1:0.4) .
(2).Regarding cement, please use Portland cement or ordinary Portland cement. Sand should be clean meeting national standard 2mm or below.
(3).Water, use clean tap water. Mortar evenly and put it on the wall.

In order to prevent the bonding material solidified before installing the art stones, the area of the bonding materials in the stone must not exceed 0.5m2-1m2, and the thickness control in about 2mm-3mm. Full wet the art stone, and then place the bonding materials in the back of the art stone, wiping more in the middle and less in the corners.(the average thickness of the bond material paste is about 4mm-6mm).

4. Installation

The corner stone should be installed first. And the long stone should be installed next to the short stone. After installing the corners, install the other tiles from the edge to the center. When install the same size of tiles, please choose the tiles from 2 or 3 different cartons, in order to make the colors fit perfectly. Please full paste the stones to the wall, and make sure the bonding materials overflow from the back of the stone.

5. Adjust the Dimension

The size of the stone can be cut into smaller ones, in order to make a good effect. When cutting the stones, cut from the place where is weaker. The debris can be installed between the big stones.


6. Mortar joint
1) The bricks should be installed by the shape of Cross. The width of the mortar joint is about 8mm~10mm. When installing the uneven shapes of stones, the width of the mortar joint should be less than 20mm.
2) The mortar joint materials should be used in time before it being too dry. (If too dry, it is hard to install and easy to craze. If too wet, it is hard to cover the overflowed bonding material)

3) The time for the mortar joint materials become dry is different from different wall and climate. Use the sticks to scrape off the redundant part and press tight. Then use the brush to make the surface plain. If the art stones stained with the mortar joint materials, they should be cleaned in time.


7. Notice
1) Don't install in the extremely cold temperature.
2) Don't install in the sun.( A awning is recommended)
3) Do confirm the water percentage of the wall before installation.(If the wall is too dry, it will absorb water from the bonding materials and mortar joint.) Or the bonding material and the mortar joint will break off.

Artificial Culture Stone seam filling construction

1.Sealant production by normal manufacturer are recommended as materials for Culture Stone or brick. The colors can be adjusting by factory machine according to your design style.


2.Please According to sealant product proportion descriptions, add water and stir until to a thick-like. Place the sealant by using triangle plastic bags (cake shop cream crowded flowers bag), and squeeze it into the gaps between the Culture Stone. Packing depth should be 2 ~ 5 mm deeper than the Culture Stone or brick.


3. If Culture Stone or brick surface are stained when construction, use soft brush with clear water and clear it in time, do not cleaning by using strong acid, strong alkali liquid chemical .


4. Seam filling construction of about half an hour (subject to hand touching not glue the hand), use the corresponding width bamboo or hard wood to scrap, pressure, added and compact each of the crack filled seam material.


5. If the outdoor temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, after construction 5 hours, please use the hand-spray water to spray and maintenance the sealant, once a day, five days in a row. If the outdoor temperature less than 5 degrees Celsius or frost period, please don't construction to prevent sealant failure, loose and anti-alkali.


6. Completion treatment: use soft brush with clear water to clean the Culture Stone or brick wall body after the completion of the project, do not use strong acid, strong alkali liquid chemical. For local abrasion or cut parts can take coloring process and do repairs treatment after the completion.


7. Artificial Culture Stone and brick belongs to the new lightweight and environmental protection decorating material, so the intensity is low. When in the process of loading and unloading, it must be handled with care, Put in the right direction in accordance with the requirement of the direction of finished packing seal , side put will be easily crushed. The transport process can't be too much bumpiness, it should be smooth driving. When Unloading and pilling up, it should keep the ground flat, and stacked neatly. The maximum height of stack is no more than 8 layers . And packing must prepare the work of anti-rain and moisture protection.