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Exterior Horizontal Curtain Wall Panels
*Model No.: F303026-F301826
*Place Of Origin: Fujian, China
*Material: Natural Clay
*Size: 300*600*30mm/300*600*18mm
*Color: Yellow
*Packaging Details: Wooden Crate
*Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
*Port: Xiamen Port
*Delivery Time: 25 days after receiving deposit
*Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008
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Product Details

Exterior Horizontal Curtain Wall Panels

LOPO Terracotta has been producing Terracotta bricks and Curtain Wall Panels in its own manufacturing factories. With over one decade of experience of supplying Terracotta Panels, Wall Tiles, Baguette Sticks and other related products, the company is a leading exporter with a worldwide customer base.



1. Size(W*L*T): 300*600*30mm/300*600*18mm

2. Color: Yellow

3. Surface Treatment: Natural Plain

4. Usage: Ventilated Wall Facade System Decoration

5. Application: Mall, Railway Station, Apartment, Hospital, University etc.

6. Customized Design: Available, just send us sample or design.



1. Material: Natural terracotta clay materials, eco-friendly, no-static and no- radiation

2. Colors: Rich color and surface design available

3. Structure: Hollow structure and light weight design

4. Surface: Anti-fire, anti-freeze, heat preservation and sound insulation

5. Quality: Never fade, strong and durable, wind and earthquake resistance

6. Installation: Convenient fixing installation, safe and reliable

7. Maintenance: Self-cleaning, easy maintenance.



LOPO China Production Ability:
1. Domestic longest roller kiln(260-meter) with 428 firing units;

2. 80,000 square meters open stockyard with the daily reserve of natural clay raw materials amounts to 300,000 tons;

3. The new workshops and production lines under construction;

4. The semi-production indoor repository with storage capacity of 150,000 tons;

5. The automatic production line with the processing capacity of shaping, cutting and polishing;

6. A batch storage system which can reserve 12,000 tons of prepared clay material;

7. Imported molding machines of vacuum extrusion from Italy.



Pingtan Goverment Office


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