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LOPO Artificial Brick Tiles Used in the Villa Area Project 2017-11-06

The southern suburbs of China Park is a villa area, which covers an area of about 340,000 square meters. It was designed to build 200,000 square meters of the original ecological pure townhouse community.
Not only pay attention to the creation of private space, it is ubiquitous operating public space harmonious atmosphere. From the theme sports club, to the leisurely style of business street, from the exquisite landscape sketch, to the hydrophilic theme of the river landscape, all provide a harmonious communication atmosphere for the community.
 artificial bricks, artificial clay brick tiles
The villa area comes with theme sports club, to meet the owners of daily recreation. Community density low greening rate, high comfort. This villa area owns 200,000 square of the original ecological water, and the Oasis Qiandao Garden and Shengmao Park and other single-family villa are just nearby.
 artificial bricks, artificial clay brick tiles
Coordinate with the biological atmosphere, the villas exterior wall decoration is by using LOPO artificial bricks. The well designed artificial clay brick tiles is water-proof, anti-slip, and durable. The bricks are made to be old looking that attracts people’s eyes by its classic charm.
  artificial bricks, artificial clay brick tiles
The artificial bricks are widely used in Europe buildings, villa, plaza, school, museum, park, landscaping, etc. 

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