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LOPO Project --- Zhoushan City National Fitness Center 2018-05-26

March 22 morning, Zhoushan City National Fitness Center officially opened. Director of the Sports Bureau of Zhoushan City Du Zhili, Zhoushan Cultural and television press bureau (Sports Bureau) Director Wang Jun Tao attended the opening ceremony.

Zhoushan City National Fitness Center is located in Dinghai District Donghai East Road, which is the core area of Dinghai District. Before 2006, there is only one indoor gymnasium and outdoor stadium, people affectionately name it the "light stadium." With the improvement of public fitness needs, Zhoushan City Sports Bureau launched a national fitness center construction, in order to provide more convenience to the people, and decided to take the original site reconstruction. After 8y ears, a modern fitness center came out.

According to Zhoushan City National Fitness Center Director Yu Yuehui’s introduction, the total investment for the centeris more than 20 million yuan. Zhoushan City is the first in accordance with national standards for the construction of modern sports fitness comprehensive museum. The building area is 6,000 square meters, from 3rd floor to 5th floor there are specific area for basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash, tennis,swimming, wrestling and other activities venues, which will be used to carryout games, sports competitions, performances and other activities.

 ceramic plate, baguettes, ceramic plate

The facade wall decoration material was supplied by LOPO, which includes natural plain surfacepanel/ grooved surface, irregular surface ceramic plate and baguettes.

 ceramic plate, baguettes, ceramic plate

Item No.: F4630884 FG4535884 FG4135632FG4180632

       T50150884 T5050884 TS1063884 TS35663884 T100100884

Size: 400*3, 530*30, 460*30, 450*35,410*80,

   50*50, 100*100, 50*150, 38*106