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Reduction Buring Travertine Outdoor Tiles
*Model No.: WKS7767
*Place Of Origin: China
*Material: Clay
*Size: 60*240*11mm
*Color: Mixed Color
*Packaging Details: carton with pallet
*Payment Terms: TT; L/C; PayPal; Western Union
*Port: Xiamen Port
*Delivery Time: in 35 days
*Certification: CE, ISO
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Product Details

Easy installation of reduction buring travertine outdoor tiles, which has shaped flat bricks and corner bricks. outdoor clay tiles will still be a favorite now and in the future.

ADVANTAGES: Outdoor Tiles
1. High pressure extrusion work make superior breakage strength.
2. Well perforated in window and door reveals.
3. Labor savings, easy installation in walls and corners
4. Dovetail back grooves ensure strong fixing on the wall 
5. 110 meter of automatic control baking kiln is the guarantee of color
6.Three production lines make sure all orders produced in a short lead time and ensure quality.


Reduction Buring Travertine Outdoor Tiles


















55 PCS



1. Travertine outdoor tiles' raw material is coming from natural environment. Recycling enable to make full use of all

materials and make sure zero wastage.
2. Production scheduled in off-peak periods so as to reduce the national electricity pressure.
3 Energy to bake our clay products are natural gas, which will not leak out harmful element to environment.

It is cleaner and safer if compared with coal and oil.

4 The movement of outdoor brick tile are in rails on the floor. Forklifts working energy can be saved.               

Reduction Buring Travertine Outdoor Tiles

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