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Terracotta Panel - A Revolution in Rainscreen Cladding 2016-08-19

The concept of Rainscreen cladding is old, tested and reliable. For many centuries people used this principle without any scientific or systematic procedure. However, with time the process and system, both improved. Before a few decades very few people were aware of rainscreen cladding, today it is a must requirement to maintain the safety and beauty of your premises. Rainscreen is not a thing or product, rather, it is a complete system and solution. The Rainscreen cladding system utilizes the effects of nature to prevent rainwater from entering the building. Rainscreen, in simpler terms, safeguards the walls from rainwater and additionally, it facilitates drying out of water in case of any absorption.

Amongst all, Terracotta Rainscreen is one of the most popular system practiced today. The first terracotta Rainscreen system was installed in the year 1982 in Germany, while in the US the first terracotta rainscreen system was installed in 1999. Use of terracotta had revolutionized the industry and then there was no looking back.The terracotta rainscreen system offered by us is appreciated for its perfect blend of benefits of rainscreen and beauty of natural clay.


Terracotta rainscreen cladding panel


Benefits of LOPO’s Terracotta Rainscreen:
The solution offered by us is economical, natural, innovative and maintenance free system. Here are some of its vital benefits:

1. Protection against moisture: While the majority of the rain water is diverted by the system, in case of any minimal absorption, the moisture is dripped out of the system.

2. No Maintenance required: Terracotta rainscreen cladding panel can be cleaned with water and thus, it requires low or no maintenance. Additionally, terracotta is resistant to frost and atmospheric agents and thus it has no influence of fog, wind, dust, sand and pollution.

3. No mold issues: Owing to the natural ventilation, terracotta Rainscreen prevents the mold or mildew growth in the wall.

4. Low energy consumption: It reduces the heating or cooling requirement of the building and thus, leads to energy saving with the assurance of the longer life of the building.

5. Wide Range: Builders can choose as per their aesthetic taste and suitability from the unmatched range of Rainscreen cladding we offer. 

Experienced and skilled workforce
State-of-the-art infrastructure
High credibility
Excellent logistic facility 
Client-centric approach 
Fair business practice

LOPO’s Quality Assurance:

We envision to offer green and environmental friendly terracotta rainscreen cladding system to the world. To achieve this, we are supported by committed, hardworking and skilled workforce that helps us to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Furthermore, being a client centric organization, quality is of utmost priority to us. We have achieved a distinguished position in the sector due to our superior quality services and unmatched range of products which we provide in several specifications, cost-effectively. In order to have a hassle-free production and post-production process, we have developed a radical and progressive infrastructure facility that is spread across a vast area. Our systems are developed as per the industry norms and in compliance with the international standards.

Owing to the multiple advantages offered by our system, we are one of the most appreciated service providers in the industry.