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Terracotta Panel - The Architectural Art Walking Between the Traditional and the Modern 2016-09-09

Terracotta panel was born about a million years. In the evolution of human civilization, terracotta and architecture are inextricably linked, from Qin Brick Han Tile to the new building material now under scientific and technological achievements - terracotta panel. The appearance of terracotta panel provides a wide space and rich choice for building creation.

Different building materials have different characteristics, in the architectural creation of the performance of the architectural art will be different. Glass is fresh and bright, but less a steady. Metal sheet is the ultimate luxury, but it would be a less simple; stone is dignified and stable, but would be less moderate. While terracotta panel is mellow, light, bright, and the terracotta material is gentle, vulnerable and is easy to used with glass, metal, stone etc. so that it is permeated with modern atmosphere in the tradition.



As a new type of building decoration materials, terracotta rainscreen panel has been favored by contemporary architects, not only because of his natural materials and traditional culture, but also in its original design. Terracotta panel can blend traditional and modern technology. It is the original natural clay material, giving the terracotta unique cultural art atmosphere, bright colors , simple texture, makes the modern building into the ancient cultural elements, while maintaining the traditional style and exhibits modern fashion design. Terracotta panel surface texture is rich, varied shapes, colors and diverse choice for the architects to provide a broad choice in the design, to provide a wider space to play in the construction works for the innovation. In the architectural design and application, terracotta pane and terracotta baguette combined to fully show the charm of the building space for designers to inspire inspiration, and create a special architectural effect provides the tools and stage.

Terracotta cladding panel is like a museum that carries a long history , a museum that records of ancient civilization, a international building that shows the grand and magnificent, a transportation hub that highlighting the modern city. From the classical to modern, from the traditional to the vant-garde. Terracotta panel convey the designer’s thick humanistic feelings, it is modern, but also the traditional.