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What Should You Know About LOPO Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Baguette 2016-05-12

Over recent years, planners’ desires for increasingly customized facade wall cladding solutions have become extremely apparent. To fulfill these desires, the maximum size of the LOPO China has been increased. Many building-specific customized solutions have been created and diverse tile surfaces with three-dimensional structures have already been manufactured. Furthermore, shading or design elements made from tile material have also been used for many properties.


Terracotta Panel

Thanks to its ideal characteristics, the traditional tile material blends in perfectly with both new and historic architectural forms. Over decades, it ages with an elegant patina. The terracotta clay materials, haptics and natural colors of special elements, shading elements and design elements all perfectly match the LOPO Terracotta Products. The special elements are available in many different natural tile colors. Project-specific special colors are also possible. The natural terracotta panel colors are the inherent colors of the ceramic body, which means that neither cuts nor surface damage can cause the appearance of a visually disturbing, different-colored body. Powerful glaze colors, which are usually developed with the planner on a project-specific basis, are particularly popular.

Terracotta Baguette are often used as square tubes. In front of windows or glass facades, the baguettes act as an effective yet attractive sunscreen. As the material and haptics of the baguettes match those of the terracotta facades, they blend harmoniously into the overall facade picture. The baguettes can take on the facade pattern. Baguettes as square tubes are available in many sizes from 50 x 50 mm to 100 x 100 mm. As an alternative to the commonly used square tubes, customized cross sections are also possible. Whether circular, oval or wing-shaped – the planner’s creativity knows no bounds.


terracotta baguette

Terracotta baguette can have lengths of up to 1,500mm. If larger widths need to be spanned, it is possible to use a system-specific aluminum tube join multiple tile elements to form a single prefabricated element.

For more information about terracotta panel and terracotta baguette, please visit www.terracottapanel.com