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Yellow Texture Thin Brick Cladding
*Model No.: LPZ-W02
*Place Of Origin: China
*Material: Cement, Sand, Ceramsite, etc
*Size: L:240±6, W:60±2.5,T:25±5mm
*Color: Yellow
*Packaging Details: Paper Cartons with Plywood Pallet
*Payment Terms: T/T, LC, West Union, Paypal etc
*Port: Xiamen
*Delivery Time: 7-25 days
*Certification: ISO9001, CE
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Product Details

Yellow Texture Thin Brick Cladding are all the romance, warmth and authenticity of brick. Molded from centuries-old European dwellings, every LOPO Facing Brick has the distinct earthen texture and Old-World character that captures the eye and warms the heart. The beauty and durability of brick is now light enough to be installed on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Artificial Bricks are cast in molds,each color and texture uses its own blend of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments. Which offers Face Brick in the widest variety of colors, textures and overall appearance including molded and handmade. At very first glance, nothing leaves a more memorable impression than a brick home. 

Size & Packing

(Flat Bricks)

Size: L:240±6, W:60±2.5,T:25±5mm

Weight: ≤22kg/ctn

Packing: 1m2/ctn, 60pcs/ctn, 1000sqm/20’gp


1. Thin Bricks are lighter, with fewer seismic concerns than ordinary brick. 

2. Consumes fewer raw materials, less material means less energy cost in transport and manufacturing, 

3. Brick is resistant to moisture, pests, fire and damage, as well as relatively soundproof. 

4. The color of brick is permanent -- further ensuring that your home's beauty will never fade.

5. Brick is virtually maintenance-free, standing up to the elements year after year with virtually no care required by the homeowner.


Indoor & outdoor Walls, windows, entryways, landscaping, vaulting arches, rising columns, subtle sills,  expressive corner projections, sculpted chimneys, decorative bond patterns accentuating facades, pathways etc.

Technical Data

 Test Item     Unit  Test Result
 Water-absorption (%)   3%(after water proof processing)
 Aging resistance  --  No obviously change
 Frost resistance  --  No significant change
 Bending strength  --  Average bending strength for 28 days (Mpa) 3.5, individual value not less than 3
 Compressive strength  --   Average compressive strength for 28 days (Mpa) 15,individual value not less than 12
 Radiation limit  --  Pass GB 6566-2001,Item 3.2, requirement for Class A
 Volume contraction   %  ≤3


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