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4 Types of Curtain Wall Facades Materials 2016-06-08

Before you enter a beautiful and spacious building like museum or hotel lobby, there must be an incredible exterior wall design that catches your eye, right? That is a curtain wall. Obviously, it does not involve the type of curtains you put in your living room, and these fabulous works of art continue to span the globe wherever notable structures are found.


And what type of facade can you create for your space? The possibilities are endless, and even companies that engineer these amazing wall designs will tell you that the challenge to create a feature with a material they have never used, or a design that seems impossible, is an exciting opportunity.


Stacked stone - Stone facades are everywhere. They are on residential houses--you know those cottage-looking chimneys with the rounded river rock? They are fairly expensive if you use real rock, but many builders nowadays use the composite type, that is artificial cultured stone. Of course, real stone is actually used, but it is much more expensive. Stone curtain wall design is one of the most common ways to dress up a space and does not even need to coincide with a fireplace or water feature. Many developers pair stone with copper or bronze for a modern rustic look or stainless steel for a very modern look.


Metal - Metal facades can be created with materials such as brass, copper, aluminum, or silver-nickel, to mention a few, and are commonly assembled to create incredible abstract designs. Since metal is generally very heavy, most metal facades consist of a thin coating of metal that is mounted to a "substrate" like melanine, laminate, fiberglass, concrete, or porcelain.


Glass - Glass facades are basically what you see in a downtown area--those glass paneled skyscrapers. Those are a form of "glass facade." Inside a corporate lobby, along a wall, floor-to-ceiling glass is an attractive addition to an ambience with all kinds of tempered, frosted, or crystal clear glass panels, sometimes paired with a water feature.

Terracotta - Terracotta facade panels are made from unpolluted neat and clean natural clay, which is extruded to get the desired shape and dried in especially made kilns, working at very high temperatures. The end product is very hard, strong with a soft surface. Terracotta clay panel may be utilized for the purpose of decorating exteriors of different buildings, including theaters, venues and dwellings etc. They can additionally be employed for decorating the interiors of buildings like exhibition halls and public buildings. What’s more, it is easy to installed, the maintenance cost of terracotta panels is very low, as harsh sunlight and rain don't affect it.

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