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LOPO Brick Pavers - Beautiful and Quality Assurance 2016-07-01

After more than 20 years of manufacturing quality clay products, LOPO Terracotta Clay continues its tradition of providing innovative new products to meet the needs of our customers. The LOPO China Clay line of brick pavers are hard, durable, easy to install, low maintenance and long lasting.



Natural clay brick is easy to install, low in maintenance, colorfast, low in absorption, high strength, durable, and freeze thaw resistant. Our brick pavers are so durable that Architects, Builders and Contractors feel secure in using them on sidewalks, driveways, or even city streets. As always, the benefits of our clay brick far exceed the cost of concrete. Because our pavers are so easy to install, homeowners can feel confident that they will get a finished project that is both beautiful and inexpensive.

Terracotta Brick Paver


LOPO Terracotta products colors are produced from natural clays - color ranges are inherent in the product and should be sampled accordingly. Custom colors and sizes available.(minimum order quantity apply).



If you are looking for the beauty and quality of brick pavers at an affordable price, with a variety of colors to choose from.. Think LOPO China, the total brick solution for all your paving needs.