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Light Weight Thin Brown Clay Wall Tiles
*Model No.: WRS7543
*Place Of Origin: China
*Material: Clay
*Size: 240*60*11MM
*Packaging Details: Carton with Pallet
*Payment Terms: TT; L/C; PayPal; Western Union
*Port: Xiamen Port
*Delivery Time: in 35 days
*Certification: CE, ISO
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Product Details


If you are looking for a light weight think clay wall tiles, pls go to LOPO. The color of LOPO products will never fade 

even after 50 years. Because all of the color is not by pigment. It is the natural clay color after a very high temperature firing. 




55 PCS/m² (with 12 mm gaps between two tiles)


Clay Material; Wired Line Surface

Average compressive strength

30+ MPa

Average product weight

0.32 Kg

Average water absorption


Average size

240 mm (length)
60   mm (width)
11   mm (thickness)



High Broken Strength

Low Water Absorption Rate

Anti Freeze

Damp Proof

Anti Corrosion

Abrasion Resistant

Resist Compression

Anti Acid And Alkali

Anti Skidding

Color Never Fade

Natural And Soft

Variety Finishing



(1) Finest and High-End: the characteristics of soft colors, close to nature make the clay tiles widely used in  villas, office buildings, housing, student housing, garden, etc.
(2) Environmental Friendly: brick cladding's composition is very simple, mainly shale, the surface is not glazed. Products fired at high temperatures, no radioactive, It is a clean, safe, ideal environmentally friendly product.
(3) Durability: split brick can be fire-proof, resist wind and rain. Never fade even with long time ultraviolet radiation. Quality assurance is more than 50 years.
(4) Visual Comfortable: clay wall tiles have moisture absorbing function. These bricks can distribute the pores and absorb moisture from the outside. Brick release moisture during the day, and absorb moisture at night. 
This split brick Moisture absorption function is conducive to maintaining the local environment moist, avoid the rapid evaporation of moisture caused by dry air, but also to avoid condensation, at the same time, split tiles thermal performance is unmatched by other materials. Split brick building can adjust the temperature, create a more comfortable living environment.
(5) widely raw materials sources: the raw material for production can be used both ordinary clay or mixed with a small amount of clay, you can use shale, clay and some industrial waste tailing preparation.
(6) Simple production procedure: split brick production technology and process is basically similar to hollow clay bricks. Extrusion wet shapes from molding method, and then drying then firing.
(7) Safety:  Cladding wall tiles in terms of functionality is similar to ceramic tiles. But since the split brick dovetail back is better than ceramic tiles. With this special back grooves, the clay tiles is very difficult to fall off from the wall.

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