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Red Mixed Brown Brick Cladding Tiles
*Model No.: WTL637
*Place Of Origin: China
*Material: Clay
*Size: 60*240*11mm
*Color: Red
*Packaging Details: Carton with Pallet
*Payment Terms: TT; L/C; PayPal; Western Union
*Port: Xiamen Port
*Delivery Time: in 35 days
*Certification: CE, ISO
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Product Details

Superior color of red mixed brown brick cladding tiles are grey. Each of them has different degree of darkness. The color 

is coming from natural clay materials.






19.5 KG/CTN


60PCS/CTN, 60 CTN/Pallet, 20 Pallets/ 20'GP



Clay tiles raw material is natural clay, feldspar, sand etc. After natural drying, the raw material is pulverized 

into powder. The materials will be put into extrusion machine after adding an appropriate water. The wet tiles need to 

put natural environment for drying about 3 days, then 1.5 days in drying kiln. And 1.5 days in firing kiln. After that, the 

tiles will be delivered to split line, in there one tile will be split into two pieces. Final procedure is packing.


Clay brick tile was firstly produced in German which was made from certain percentage of many kinds of clay and a small 

amount of mountain flour by pre-mixing, powering mixing, vacuum extrusion, drying and kiln firing. The color of tiles are 

quite similar to natural mineral. That is why some foreigners named it Terracotta Tiles. In Taiwan China, local people 

named it ejection brick according to the extrusion work. In China mainland, it was named clay split brick basic on the split 

work after firing. Actually if from the point of material, it should be called clay tile (Japanese name)

From the original of clay tile we can know that this kind of tile is made from a certain percentage of different sintering 

degree clay, different colors and a small amount of mountain flour. However, the material of the hot-selling glazed ceramic 

tiles and full body ceramic tiles in the market is on conversely, using more mountain flour and less clay.


Testing Items

National Standard

Length and Width

Difference of average size and 

working size of a single tile

maximal+/- 2 mm

Difference of average size and 

working size of ten tiles

+/-1.5 mm


Difference of average size and 

working size of a single tile

+/-1.0 mm

Appearance Quality

The defects can't be seen in one meter

Water Absorption  (E,%)

3.0average E<=6.0 
single value<=6.5      

Breaking Modulus   (R, Mpa)

average value R>=13  
single value>=11

Fracture Strength  (S, N)


Thermal shock resistance

After 10 times testing, No crackle or crack

Frosting resistance

After 100 times recycling test, No crack spalling



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