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Why Vanke Choose LOPO China as Its Long-term Cooperator? 2016-10-27

Vanke, the world’s largest professional residential developers, which was established in 1984, 1988 enter the real estate industry, and become the leading real estate company after 30 years of development. While LOPO was established in 2002, which is producing and supplying terracotta products such as terracotta facade, terracota louver, terracotta baguette  terracotta wall tile, terracotta brick pavers, cultured stone from domestic to foreign. Today, LOPO has become vanke's long-term cooperator.

To the knowledge of Vanke, strict process monitoring and management machanism is ayardstick to be compilled with. Vanke is stringent regarding control of product quality and aptitude of suppliers and sets strict requirements on more than 100 indexes under 11 aspects covering aptitudes of suppliers, material standard and product quality. With its outstanding product quality, LOPO terracotta has passed its strict test and become its supplier for curtain wall.

With over ten years of experience, LOPO China goes from strength to strength from a toddler to and excellent brand in terracotta panel in leaps and frogs. That LOPO has surpassed its rivals and become the supplier for curtain wall for Vanke Real Estate would raise higher requirements on quality, performance, quality and service of products so that it can realize mutual benefit and win-win results with high quality and high service.


Terracotta Facade


With spacious house type and fancy decoration, rows of classical buildings form a magnificent landscape scroll where both space and time gathers to expose the most splendid chapter. Terracotta panel can bring a unique style of elegance and dignity to the city life teeming with high-rises and its designing reveals ingenuity of its designers.

LOPO China is honor to cooperate with Vanke, because they have the same vision. Since Vanke adhere to the construction of high-quality residential products, promote the development of eco-environmental protection technology and application of China’s real estate industry, and is committed to a sustained leader and China’s outstanding green enterprises. And LOPO is committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. We will put our greatest effort to harmonize our mutual home with green products. As LOPO and Vanke has some mission in same, we believe they will be more and cooperation in the future.